Challenge #12- The End!

Unfortunately, this is the last Challenge, #12. Mrs. Wyatt asks us to summarize our blogging experience. She asks:

Challenge for the last week

  • How has this challenge improved your communication skills?
  • How could blogging become an integral part of your school’s curriculum?
  • Would you take part in another challenge and why?

Blogging has helped my online communication skills because I have talked to many new people from around the world. I am commenting on many people’s blogs, and I am writing new post almost everyday!

Blogging really hasn’t become a integral part of my school’s curriculum yet, but my class often does activities on our blogs. These last nine weeks, we had to blog our 1000 pages we must read evert nine weeks on our blog. (Visit “The Book Blog Spot” page). I think what we could do in my school is just have different posts about a set topic, and have everyone respond to it.

I would probably enter in another Blogging Challenge, although it was hard to keep up after a break. It was still loads of fun!